December 20, 2019

The Haines City Project

Haines City, with a population of approximately 24,000 people is the third most populous city within Polk County located only 40 miles away from Orlando, Florida. It is a very progressive community in central Florida lead by Mayor Morris West and city manager Deric Feacher.

The median household income in Haines City has been gradually increasing, but at $35,000 is still 45% below the average household income in the state of Florida. This wealth disparity has contributed to an acute shortage of affordable housing options available to the residents. To fill this void and revitalize the city, The Trinity Worship Center of Haines City, lead by Pastor Charles Anderson along with the local government has partnered with Renovate Neighborhoods to restore pride and ownership to the residents. With land granted by Mayor West, the pilot project has already launched. Development has begun on 3 homes with pre-approved buyers and there are plans to expand development on current vacant lots and redevelop dilapidated surrounding properties.
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