Our core business is the Development of single-family affordable housing.

What is affordable housing?

AAffordable housing is deemed “affordable” to those at or below the median household income threshold according to the government housing affordability index.

What this means to the prospective purchaser?

Having the comfort and knowledge that the home, they are purchasing for their family represents value and is “quality built” by a reputable company.

What does this mean for the Investor?

Renovate Neighborhoods Inc. (referred as RNI) is a corporation that operates under the law of social entrepreneurship. Its core business is comprised of rehabilitating and developing residential housing that is introduced into the marketplace at or under regional affordable housing price points.

The viability of this market is further enhanced by the need of financial institutions to conform to the Federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements to fund loans for these types of housing projects. This includes loans to the lower socioeconomic groups and veterans. In general, affordable housing is vibrant in a good market and extremely vibrant in a downward spiraling economy.

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